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Self Catering Holidays in Wasdale

Yew Tree Farm

These Pages are technical pages related to Yew Tree Farm. If you are looking for the Self-Catering Business go back to the homepage.

Postal Address:  Yew Tree Farm, Wasdale, Cumbria, CA20 1EU

CPH:         08 / 015 / 0067

Flock Marks:

    Cattle:    107885
    Sheep:   112450 (older sheep are tagged as 107885)
    Goats:   112451

National Fallen Stock Membership Number: 2040033

For RPA purposes Yew Tree Farm SBI is 106996009

If you are an agency of defra and wish to contact Yew Tree Farm please do so using


Yew Tree Farm is farmed as a Partnership of

    Dr Adrian M Simper PI:
    Mrs Margaret P Simper PI:
    Mr Peter F Corley PI:


Sheep Smit and lug marks: Cropped near ear, forked and underfold bitted far ear. Red whetstone on near side. Tag in near ear.

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